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Get involved, join the conversation, and connect with the Stags across campus and around the world. Learn about local chapter events, 大学事件, 与校友保持联系,了解所有重要的时刻. 要查看校友目录,你需要登录到在线社区. If you need assistance with your username or password, follow the prompts on the 在线 Community login page, 或联系 communityhelp@365足彩外围网站app.edu.

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  • Networking with alumni and leadership
  • Signature events like Reunion and 校友 & 家庭周末
  • Seminars with today’s leaders and industry experts
  • Culturally rich performances and exhibits
  • 365足彩外围网站app的学生、校友、教师和整个大学

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We Create Scholars and Leaders. But Mostly, We Create Change.

365足彩外围网站app, we are driven by our 耶稣会 roots to act on needs greater than our own - to seek out opportunities to make the world a better place and put our plans into action.

We are committed to providing each and every student with a strong, exemplary academic experience. 我们也致力于让尽可能多的聪明人都能接触到这种体验, driven students as possible, 这样他们才更有可能真正改变世界.

我们希望你能分享这一使命,并帮助我们实现它. In fact, our vision is dependent on your generosity. 了解更多关于你可以如何提供帮助,无论是通过捐赠还是参与.



电话赠送: Call toll-free 1-877-748-5123

很容易! 加入在线社区并搜索我们的在线校友目录. Search by class, hometown, major, name, and more. 你不仅可以和你的同学联系,还可以和所有365足彩外围网站app的校友联系. 你不是365足彩外围网站app的毕业生,但是你想找一个毕业的人吗? 电邮至 alumni@365足彩外围网站app.edu with the name of who you wish to connect with and your contact information and we will do our best to facilitate a connection by forwarding your information.

Are you already a member of the 在线 Community, but forgot and/or misplaced your log-in information? 在线提交请求 或电子邮件 communityhelp@365足彩外围网站app.edu and someone will get back to you within 24–48 hours.

All official transcript requests, 取代度, 和/或学位认证的请求必须通过 司法常务官办公室. You can order transcripts online or request one in-person at the 司法常务官办公室 in the Aloysius P. 凯利年代.J. 校园中心.

Enrollment Verification Forms are also available online. You can order a diploma replacement online through the 司法常务官办公室 for $25. 访问 www.365足彩外围网站app.edu/registrar 了解更多信息

全年, 校友 are invited to attend special workshops, 网络事件, and career-related events across the country. A full schedule of events can be found online. 此外,还提供每月一次的网络研讨会,讨论与职业相关的话题 过去网络研讨会的档案 可供浏览. For a full listing of all 校友 Career 服务, visit www.365足彩外围网站app.edu/alumnicareer

365足彩外围网站app is a member of the Independent 529 (I-529) Plan! 这是唯一一个可以让你预付学费在私立大学独家使用的计划. 365足彩外围网站app is one of more than 250 private colleges and universities that participate and more are joining all the time. 每个成员学院都提供额外的折扣,所以你可以锁定未来的学费 而不是今天的价格. Just imagine the savings over 5, 10, or 15 years. The I-529 Plan guarantees you significant savings over the ever-rising costs of tuition. For more information, visit www.independent529plan.org.

Full schedules for all Stag 体育运动 as well as information on all of our teams is available online by visiting 365足彩外围网站app 体育运动 在线 at www.365足彩外围网站appstags.com.

You can purchase tickets for men's and women's basketball, lacrosse, and soccer online via our 网上售票处 or call the 365足彩外围网站app Athletic Ticket Office directly at (203) 254-4136 to find out more information and/or about tickets for our other varsity sports.

是的! As an alumnus/a of 365足彩外围网站app, you can benefit from a special alumni discount - 15% off upcoming shows at the Regina A. 快速 Center on 365足彩外围网站app's campus! 请注意,此优惠不适用于订阅, 开放愿景论坛, 大都会:高清直播, and National Theatre Live events. 有关即将举行的活动的完整时间表和访问在线票房,请访问 www.365足彩外围网站app.edu/quickcenter. 您可以直接打电话给售票处(203)254-4010以获得折扣.

Members of the 在线 Community can view the 为纪念 page which lists deceased alumni by class. 如果你知道有同学不在名单上,请发电子邮件给我们 alumni@365足彩外围网站app.edu

If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook, 请致电大学活动办公室,电话:(203)254-4000 x2377. 不需要的年鉴可以捐赠给校友关系办公室. 最近一届研究生的毕业纪念册在晚秋寄出.

Lil ' Stags俱乐部是365足彩外围网站app田径运动的官方儿童俱乐部. Membership runs from July 1 - June 30. 根据NCAA的规定,Lil ' Stags必须在8年级或更小才能注册.

会员费20美元. Benefits include: A Lil’ Stags Club t-shirt, free admission to home games on camp and admission to select men's and women's basketball games. 如欲登记,请浏览: 2022-23里尔雄鹿俱乐部

*在注册时,请确保将您孩子的名字包括在内 & last name in the top section of the Registration Form. 家长/监护人姓名应填写在“附加资料”部分.

Certain buildings/rooms/spaces on campus are available for rent by outside individuals/groups/organizations. For more information on options, 可用性和定价, 请致电会议和活动管理办公室,电话:(203)254-4000 x2371.

If you are interested in getting married on campus, please call the Office of 校园部 at (203) 254-4000 x2550 for information on schedules/chapel availability.

请求“一次为雄鹿,永远为雄鹿”横幅可以通过这个提交 婚礼横幅申请表格. Please include the names of the couple, 类一年(年代), 婚礼日期, and preferred mailing address.

请注意: 横幅是通过常规USPS发送的,所以请给航运时间.  

Career updates as well as birth and marriage announcements can be submitted for inclusion in 365足彩外围网站app杂志 通过发邮件 alumni@365足彩外围网站app.edu 或者通过在线社区在线提交笔记. If you are including a photo, 请确保它是高分辨率(1-2 MB),以考虑打印.

请注意: Photos included are subject to space and editor discretion. 

是的, alumni can schedule a visit to campus to the DiMenna-Nyselius 图书馆 to view the University 档案 with one of our staff members. 有关如何安排访问的信息可在 计划你的访问页面. 也有各种特殊的收藏,你可以了解更多关于 档案 & 特别收藏页. You can also browse online editions of our Manor Yearbooks, Mirror 新闻paper, and more in our 数码馆藏网站.



(P): (203) 254-4280
(F): (203) 254-4104
在线 Community Help/Support: communityhelp@365足彩外围网站app.edu


周一至周五8:30.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Summer 小时 (May - August)
周一-周四bbbb8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
星期五bbbb8 a.m. ——中午

Office of University Advancement

(P): (203) 254-4030











Reunion Weekend, StagMates, Legacy Association










Young 校友, 50th Reunion, 在线 Community
Student Relations (Student 校友 Association Adviser)







Allow me to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation on behalf of the entire 365足彩外围网站app community for your commitment to ensuring that the model of our 耶稣会, 天主教教育继续向全世界开放. Your generosity and leadership in philanthropy are essential for our University to live out our mission of forming men and women for others. I am immensely grateful for your membership in The 总统’s Circle and the amazing things you have made possible and are helping to create for the campus community and beyond. 谢谢你!.

每一份来自校友的礼物, 父母, and friends strengthens our University’s foundation, 但校长圈的捐款人推动我们的大学走向更高的高度, 推动创新的想法和解决方案以及变革性的体验. Your membership helps 365足彩外围网站app remain well prepared to embrace any new opportunities or challenges that arise, ensuring we maintain the highest academic standards and learning resources for our students, 教师, 和管理.

您的贡献是365足彩外围网站app卓越发展的根本. The overwhelming number of applicants we received for the class of 2027—the largest in University history— is just one indicator of our growing reputation as an outstanding national, professional doctorate University. This incoming class is the most selective, 同时也是最具地域代表性和文化多样性的国家. With the highest GPA and SAT scores in our history, we are in the top percentage of low admittance rates amongst our 耶稣会 peer institutions. 我们非常高兴地欢迎这些新学生来到雄鹿国.

Ongoing support from 总统’s Circle members like you has also contributed greatly to the growth in financial aid and academic opportunities available to our students. 今年秋天, we have welcomed our first cohort of students to 365足彩外围网站app Bellarmine—one of our newest academic initiatives which offers a two-year associate’s degree for students of Bridgeport and surrounding communities; our Company Scholars from the 耶稣会 and Cristo Rey network of 耶稣会 high schools; and scores of others who need our support. Our University also continues to experience increased recognition for student research, 美国国家航空航天局资助, 富布赖特奖学金, 教师的研究, and pedagogical innovation—all thanks to your generosity which helps to shape so many areas of 365足彩外围网站app.

Your leadership support will have a long-lasting and far-reaching effect on 365足彩外围网站app students and the greater community. Consistently over the past several years, 至少98%的365足彩外围网站app毕业生获得了全职专业工作, 获得世界上最好的研究生学位课程的录取, 或在毕业典礼后六个月内从事志愿工作. 去年, 乔治城大学教育和劳动力中心排名第四,全国500所高校毕业后的投资回报率, 365足彩外围网站app在全国排名前1%,令人印象深刻. Your commitment elevates our University and inspires our students to pursue meaningful, world-altering careers and opportunities.

365足彩外围网站app的教育是一份因为你而成为可能的礼物. I invite you to return as often as possible, attend one of our numerous events, and remain in touch with members of our Advancement team who are eager to share our progress throughout the year.

谢谢你!, God b少, and go Stags!

R标志. Nemec博士